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Cliche Punches

Innovative Marking Systems has spent thousands of dollars creating special tooling that enables us to accurately cut and punch photopolymer cliches for our TOSH machines, as well as the following competitive brands:

  • Autoroll
  • Autotran
  • Comec
  • Imtran
  • Kent
  • Printex
  • Tampoprint
  • TransTech
  • United Silicone



We offer four types of high quality photopolymer materials:

  1. Elite Series material is our most durable. Red in color, Elite Series photopolymer material is 52 microns thick, requires film and line screen exposures and is developed in alcohol.
  2. Printer Series material is less expensive and less durable than Elite. Gray in color, Printer Series photopolymer material is 42 microns thick, requires film and line screen exposures and is developed in alcohol. After post-exposure, Printer Series materials turn light green in color.
  3. Water Wash material is comparable in thickness and durability to Printer Series, however it is red in color. It also requires film and line screen exposure, and is of course, developed in water.
  4. One Step material is our green, 30-micron thick, single exposure, alcohol developed photopolymer. It is recommended for fine line copy only.

Innovative is able to offer cliche materials at extremely competitive prices, with no additional charges for cutting and punching cliches to meet your requirements. We package our cliches in light-proof packages of ten. If you prefer to cut and punch the material yourself, we also offer full case prices. Finally, don’ forget to ask whether you qualify for volume discounts when purchasing six or more 10 packs at a time.

If you don’t see your brand of printer listed above, let us know what you need by sending us a sample un-used cliche for evaluation. We will be happy to accommodate you!