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Inks are arguably the most critical component in the pad printing process. If you can get your image to transfer but it doesn’t stick, nothing else matters, does it?

Every type of substrate requires a different ink resin system to get good adhesion, which means that the chemistry can get pretty complex. We could list the dozens of options here with charts and spreadsheets detailing all the additives that make the process work, but we think it would be a much better idea if you let us do the work for you.

Each part is different and requires testing to assure a successful application. For instance TOSH STE works well on ABS plastic, but is it the ideal ink for your application? Does it require specific chemical resistance? Fade resistance? Is it dishwasher safe? Each of these questions could change the answer to a different solution. We are experts in this so you don’t need to be.

Send us your parts. We’ll have a lot of questions and then we will test a variety of solutions so that you end up with the ideal ink for your application.

Quality & Certifications

You can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality inks available in the world, manufactured in Europe, that meet all current appropriate regulations for safety.

  • Reach Compliant
  • Compliant with SVHC list, none of the listed items are used
  • ROHS Compliant (EU – directive 2002/95EC of January 2003 ROHS)
  • California Prop 65 Compliant
  • Heavy metal free and comply with ASTMF 963 Safety of Toys
  • EN71 Part 3 Safety for Toys Migration of Specific Elements Compliant
  • Not manufactured with phthalates or raw materials containing phthalates
  • Conflict Mineral Free

In addition, we have documentation for a broad range of our inks that show compliance with USP24, NF19, 2000 for biological Test for Plastic Class VI. (Medical grade-Implantable in the human body.)

Other more specific certifications are available as well and can be provided on request. We have done a broad range of testing for automotive, garment, and consumer products. Our in house lab has the ability to test a wide variety of adhesion characteristics and we will be happy to work with you on your specific requirements.

Color Matching

We’re color geeks at IMS and can talk to you all day about color matching, color gamut and getting you the exact shade you need to make your application a success. Color matching can be tricky in pad printing. Each color must be matched to the part being printed on. Unlike printing on paper, where everything is going onto white, making a specific shade of yellow look perfect on three different colored substrates will yield three totally different color matches and corrections. This type of color correction takes experience and an expert eye.

Every series of ink we sell can be color matched to an almost infinite range of shades. We are happy to do this for you.

For our customers that need to do custom colors on a regular basis, we can give you in-depth training, tools and knowledge you need to do it in house from our kit of standard base colors.

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