Productivity is the key to success in modern manufacturing. Your survival depends on speed, flexibility and quality. TOSH automation allows you to level the playing field with both domestic and overseas competitors.

TOSH equipment is designed to be automated from the ground up. Even the smallest machines in the range have robust upgrade paths to maximize output. The pinnacle of this design philosophy are the TOSH standard custom systems: The TOSH Platform, The Cartesio and The Multiformat. These base design concepts allow for a rapid deployment of automated solutions at reasonable prices. Between these three base modules almost every eventuality is covered.

It also means that maintenance and upkeep are simplified because every system is nearly standard. We are not providing a standard printer on a custom automated line. We are providing a standard system tooled for your parts. The print heads, conveyors, controllers and accessories are all standard items used across our entire range and field tested extensively in hundreds or even thousands of applications. Best of all, every system is designed by pad printing experts with decades of experience to maximize the efficiency of the printing and handling process to give you the fastest, highest quality output possible.

It is typical for our systems to produce 2-3x the output of competitive systems. Read our white paper “The TOSH Advantage” to see why our systems are so much faster than anything else on the market. If you’re not convinced we will be happy to do a detailed cost analysis and walk you through it step by step.


The spirit of modular design that drives all of TOSH’s equipment is showcased in the Platform concept. Available in 3 sizes, the Platform creates a high speed standard solution for custom applications. The base module allows parts to be automatically loaded, pretreated, rotated, printed 10+ colors and cured all with a standard interface. Additional processes can also be accommodated.

Platform With Reverse Cliches

Standard TOSH Platform Pad Printing System


The Cartesio System represents the ultimate in flexibility and power in the pad printing industry. Available in 3 sizes, the Cartesio machine can be programmed to manipulate parts with an almost infinite level of control bringing the print surface(s) to bear on complex parts that need printing on every surface. The Cartesio has to be seen in action to be truly appreciated. Take a chance to review the .pdf and then let us know if you’d like to watch some amazing footage of this revolutionary system.

Pad Printer for Ski Boots, TOSH Cartesio S

TOSH Cartesio pad printer printing ski boots at - PLAST 15 in Milan, Italy. A highly flexible, fast pad printing system for complex objects


Learn about the TOSH Advantage

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