The All-In-One Guide
to Modern Pad Printing

From Pad Printing Basics to Troubleshooting & Project Management

Pad Printing Book

It is possible to print almost anything with a pad printer and enough know how, but how do you gain that expertise?

Eliminate trial and error from your process with this 200+ page book written by people with decades of experience in every aspect of pad printing. Whether you’re a small shop just getting started, or a major manufacturer pumping out millions of complex parts per year, this book can help.

You have questions on set up, pad choice, ink mixing, fixturing, plate making, job costing, application trouble shooting and equipment choice. This book guides you through every aspect of the pad printing process from product design to clean up and everything in between. It will quickly become your go to source for answers and will make your pad printing production environment more efficient, less frustrating and best of all, more profitable.

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Trent Pepicelli, Co-author

Trent Pepicelli

Trent Pepicelli is President of Innovative Marking Systems. Trent has been around pad printing and technologies for automating pad printing, material handling, quality control and more since childhood.

Trent Pepicelli, Co-author

John Kaverman

John Kaverman is founder and President of Pad Print Pros, LLC (, an independent sales and consulting firm. John has nearly 30 years of pad printing experience, 20 of which have been working with Trent Pepicelli.

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